The 2nd International Conference of Research in Innovation and Technology

Tehran, 12-13 December 2018

 Call for Papers in Special Issue of “Media Entrepreneurship in Web 3.0”

 Guest Editors: Yashar Salamzadeh (Graduate School of Business, USM, Malaysia), Idongesit Williams (Aalborg University, Denmark) and Somayeh Labafi (University of Tehran, Iran)

Accordingly, by taking benefit from these platforms to propose value by creative individuals or small firms, media entrepreneurship as a subject of study has received academic interest. Hoag and compain (2006) were the first scholar who presented a definition for media entrepreneurship. Since them, several scholars studied this subject, such as Hoag (2008), Achtenhagen (2008, 2017), Hang (2016), Will et al (2016), Khajeheian (2013, 2017), Price-Schultz and Jones (2017), Hasenpusch and Baumann (2017). interest to this subject has been increased in 2017, signaling the growing importance of entrepreneurial activities in web platforms. The economic contribution of startups and firms of which operate in the context of social media and platforms, and their role in employment, innovation and growth, increase the importance of media entrepreneurship as an area of interest.

 In most recent and comprehensive definition, Khajeheian (2017) defined media entrepreneurship as following: “Media entrepreneurship is taking the risk to exploit opportunities (creation/ discovery) by innovative use of (radical/incremental/imitative) resources (ownership/control) in transform of an idea into activities to offer value (creation/delivery) in a media form (content/platform/user data) that meets the need of a specific portion of market (businesses or consumers), either in an individual effort or by creation of new venture or entrepreneurial managing of an existing organizational entity and to earn benefit (money/attention/favorite behavior) from one of the sources that is willing to pay for (direct consumers, advertisers, data demanders or any customer of generated information of consumers).” This comprehensive definition can be taken as a guide to distinguish

Regarding the above mentioned, this special issue aims to attract attention of researchers and academics into the entrepreneurial activities in web 30 platforms. For the purpose of this call for papers, AD-Minister welcomes manuscripts that provide significant contributions in the fields of:

 Social media entrepreneurship

  • Audience engagement in web platforms
  • Business models of web enterprises
  • Radical innovations, Creative Destruction and Digital disruption
  • Opportunity identification
  • Strategic management of media enterprises
  • Ethical issues in social platforms
  • Sharing economy and
  • Marketing of innovative startups
  • Startups in growth phase
  • Critical mass and methods of observing first users
  • Knowledge Management in entrepreneurial teams
  • Enterprise social media
  • media corporate entrepreneurship
  • And Other relevant subjects that cover Ad-minister scope and the conference themes.

Best presented papers of the conference that successfully pass the peer-review process will be published in this special issue of journal that will be published as second issue of 2018.

Submissions are expected to be sent via conference submission system in

For any special question, contact the leading guest editor at:

Deadlines for submission of full papers: 30 November, 2018.

Manuscripts should not exceed 7000 words. This limitation includes all figures, tables and appendices; and excludes references. Please follow the guidelines for authors available at:


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