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Datis Khajeheian


Media Entrepreneurship has been an ambiguous, unclear and controversial concept and despite of
growing academic efforts in the last decade, it is still a poorly defined subject. This paper is an effort
to fill this gap by providing a comprehensive definition of media entrepreneurship. Firstly, a literature
review conducted and entrepreneurship, media, opportunity and innovation as building blocks of media
entrepreneurship explained. Then by using of a mixed of bibliographic method and a Delphi method with
multi-stage analysis process, a consensual definition of media entrepreneurship proposed. This definition
integrates some key features of the emerging media environment such as distinction of content and
platform, value delivery, opportunity development, non-monetary benefit, etc. It is expected that the
findings of this research clear the ground for further researches in the field of media entrepreneurship.


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Media Entrepreneurship; Media Management; Venture Creation; Media Firm; Delphi Method; Consensual Definition; Consensus.
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