Published: 2018-12-12

Determining factors in the adoption of corporate social responsibility practices: a sectoral analysis of mexican franchises

María Del Carmen Gaytán Ramírez, Cesario Armando Flores Villanueva
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Page 21-38

Proceso innovación en pymes: comparación de empresas de servicios y manufactura

Ronald Mora-Esquivel, Daniel Varela-Jiménez, Juan Carlos Leiva
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Page 39-64

Cultural dimensions and entrepreneurial performance interaction in small and medium enterprises in Zimbabwe

Watson Munyanyi, Mr, Campion Chiromba, Misheck Diza, Mr, Rabson Magweva, Mr, Dzikamai Muzvidziwa, Ms
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Page 65-84

Management of intangible assets of relational capital in Higher Education Institutions

Natalia Marulanda Grisales, Claudia Lorena Rincón Grajales, Javier Echeverry Correa
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Page 85-112

Sustainable supply chain management in the food Industry

Edgar Guillermo Rodriguez Guevara
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Page 113-134