Published: 2015-12-14


An Analysis of Colombian Power Market Price Behavior from an Industrial Organization Perspective

Ona Duarte Venslauskas, John J. García Rendón
Abstract 1681 | PDF Downloads 398 HTML Downloads 311 | DOI

Exchange rate dynamics, structural breaks, and central bank interventions in Colombia

Jorge Mario Uribe, Natalia Restrepo López
Abstract 1007 | PDF Downloads 285 HTML Downloads 295 | DOI

Evidence of Discrimination Against Afrocolombians in the Colombian Labor Market in Major Cities in 2007

José Santiago Arroyo Mina, Leonardo Belalcazar Fernández, Luis Felipe Pinzón Gutiérrez, Andrés Herminsul Franco
Abstract 904 | PDF Downloads 277 HTML Downloads 446 | DOI

The Effect of Private Management of Public Schools on Student Achievement in Bogotá, Colombia

Ángela Rocío López Sánchez, Andrés Felipe Virgüez Clavijo, Jaime Andrés Sarmiento Espinel, Adriana Carolina Silva Arias
Abstract 915 | PDF Downloads 247 HTML Downloads 355 | DOI