Published: 2013-03-22


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Revista Ingeniería y Ciencia
Abstract 410 | PDF (Español) Downloads 117

Page 9-10


A Remark on the Heat Equation and Minimal Morse Functions on Tori and Spheres

Carlos Cadavid, Juan Diego Vélez Caicedo
Abstract 616 | PDF Downloads 318 | DOI

Page 11-20

Two-dimensional meshless solution of the non-linear convection diffusion reaction equation by the Local Hermitian Interpolation method

Carlos A Bustamante Chaverra, Henry Power, Whady F Florez Escobar, Alan F Hill Betancourt
Abstract 944 | PDF Downloads 353 | DOI

Page 21-51

Class Schedule Assignment Based on Students Learning Rhythms Using A Genetic Algorithm

Victor F. Suarez Chilma, Omar D. Castrillón Gomez, Álvaro Guerrero Aguirre
Abstract 1378 | PDF Downloads 449 | DOI

Page 77-95

A fully discrete finite element scheme for the Derrida-Lebowitz-Speer-Spohn equation

Jorge Mauricio Ruiz Vera, Ignacio Mantilla Prada
Abstract 1244 | PDF Downloads 303 | DOI

Page 97-110

A fully-discrete finite element approximation for the eddy currents problem

Ramiro Acevedo, Gerardo Loaiza
Abstract 640 | PDF Downloads 262 | DOI

Page 111-145

Solution of the Rayleigh-Plesset Equation Through the Finite Element Method

G.A Ramírez R., C.E Jácome M, J.C Giraldo A
Abstract 1838 | PDF (Español) Downloads 619 | DOI

Page 147-162

First-Principles Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of Chromium Nitride/Gallium Nitride Multilayer (CrN/GaN)

Ricardo Eulises Báez Cruz, César Ortega López, Miguel J. Espitia R.
Abstract 722 | PDF (Español) Downloads 265 | DOI

Page 163-174

Navegation system for tubular upper digestive tract

Andrea Del Mar Casallas Mora, Lerly Yulieth Amaris Serrato, Cindy Lizeth Carvajal Gaitán, Camilo Andrés Rojas Cifuentes
Abstract 1056 | PDF (Español) Downloads 220 | DOI

Page 175-191

Effect of the presence of inorganic salts on the photocatalytic inactivation of E. Coli in water

Edwing Velasco, Andrea L Moreno, Sonia A Giraldo
Abstract 897 | PDF (Español) Downloads 701 | DOI

Page 193-208


Reduction of computation time of Seismic Migration using FPGAs and GPGPUs: A review article.

Carlos Fajardo, Javier Castillo Villar, César Pedraza
Abstract 1406 | PDF (Español) Downloads 1185 | DOI

Page 261-293