Published: 2015-02-02


Ingeniería y Ciencia: 10 años

Félix Londoño G
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Page 9-10


Least Change Secant Update Methods for Nonlinear Complementarity Problem

Favián Arenas A, H J Martínez, Rosana Pérez
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Page 11-36

Optimization of Manipulability and Electricity Consumption Through the Heuristic Kalman Algorithm in Serial Manipulators

Juan Camilo Ramirez Henao, Leonardo Duque Muñoz
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Page 51-71

Linear Regression with Errors not Normal: Generalized Hyperbolic Secant

Álvaro Alexander Burbano Moreno, Oscar Orlando Melo Martinez
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Page 37-50

An Architecture for the Conceptual Design of Underwater Exploration Vehicles

Rafael E Vásquez, Julio C Correa, Juan A Ramírez-Macías, Elkin A Taborda, Carlos A Zuluaga, Norha L Posada, Jorge M Londoño
Abstract 899 | PDF (Español) Downloads 568 HTML (Español) Downloads 1441 | DOI

Page 73-97

Design and Construction of an Embedded Digital Teslameter for the Magnetic Characterization of Materials

A A Velásquez, Juliana Baena Rodríguez, Yhefferson Fernando Gutiérrez Loaiza
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Page 99-113

Procedure for Calculating Circuits in the Modeling of Flow in fin-and-tube Heat Exchangers

Edwin Córdoba Tuta, David Fuentes Díaz
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Page 115-135

Effect of Mixed Liquor Volatile Suspended Solids on Membrane Fouling During Short and long-term Operation of Membrane Bioreactor

Edson Baltazar Estrada-Arriaga, Petia Mijaylova Nacheva, Liliana García-Sánchez
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Page 137-155

Discrete Event Simulation and Line of Balance Diagram, Applied to the Improvement of the Foundation Construction Process

Adriana Gomez, Jorge Orlando Avila Díaz, Natalia Quintana Pulido
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Page 157-175

Need for Review of the Loads and Partial Safety Factors of the NSR-10 for the Design of Structures to Withstand Wind Effects

Orlando Daniel Arroyo Amell, Lilibeth Ramos Castillo
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Page 177-195

Fabrication of Compressed Earth Blocks with the Addition of Construction and Demolition Debris Instead of the Conventional Rocky Aggregate

Alejandro Vásquez Hernández, Luis Fernando Botero Botero, David Carvajal Arango
Abstract 1861 | PDF (Español) Downloads 701 HTML (Español) Downloads 2582 | DOI

Page 197-220

Seismic Data compression using 2D Lifting-Wavelet algorithms

Carlos Augusto Fajardo Ariza, Oscar Mauricio Reyes Torres, Ana Beatriz Ramirez Silva
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Page 221-238


Methods Employed in Optical Emission Spectroscopy Analysis: a review

D M Devia, L. V Rodriguez-Restrepo, E Restrepo-Parra
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Page 239-267