Published: 2018-11-23


Parameter Estimation of Two Mathematical Models for the Dynamics of Dengue and its Vector in Cali, Colombia

J H Arias, H J Martínez, L S Sepúlveda, O Vasilieva
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Page 69–92

Implementation of a Non-Invasive Bioprospecting Protocol for Isolation of Lactobacillus from Feces of Hens Under Foraging Conditions

Simón Robledo-Cardona, Sabina Ramírez-Hincapié, Javier Correa-Álvarez
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Page 93–111

Identification of Fusarium cf. Verticillioides as The Causal Agent of Pokka Boheng Disease in Sugarcane in the Department of Antioquia, Colombia

Juliana Giraldo-Arias, Santiago Celis-Zapata, Nicolás D Franco-Sierra, Juan J Arroyave-Toro, Claudia Jaramillo-Mazo, Javier Correa-Álvarez
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Page 113–134


Modern Biotechnology for Agricultural Development in Colombia

Diego F Villanueva-Mejía
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Page 169–194