Published: 2007-12-12


Microcomputer based sliding regime discrete control for synchronous AC motors

Eduardo Palomar–Lever, Sergey Ryvkin, Dimitri Izosimov
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Page 7-22

Production evaluation of Lentinula edodes Pegler fungi in synthetic logs based on agricultural wastes

Valeska Villegas Escobar, Ana Milena Pérez, Clara Arredondo
Abstract 1031 | PDF (Español) Downloads 1716

Page 23-39

Usage of the common mango agroindustrial waste (mangifera indica L.) in the destraction of fermentables sugars

L. F. Mejía Giraldo, H. A. Martínez Correa, J. E. Betancourt Gutiérrez, C. E. Castrillón Castaño
Abstract 4183 | PDF (Español) Downloads 6158

Page 41-62

On a minimal operator ideals defined by means of interpolation spaces

María Eugenia Puerta Yepes, Gabriel Ignacio Loaiza Ossa
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Page 63-89

Study of the thermal transformations in the elaboration of a soda–lime glass for containers with cuban natural zeolit

Rafael Jordán H., Tania Faria P., Gerardo Rodríguez F., Gerardo César Díaz T., María Elena Zayas
Abstract 510 | PDF (Español) Downloads 569

Page 91-105

Displacement based finite elements for acoustic fluid–structure interaction

Santiago Correa V
Abstract 1081 | PDF (Español) Downloads 359

Page 107-134

Basic logic for true and false LBVF

Manuel Sierra A.
Abstract 1604 | PDF (Español) Downloads 298

Page 135-171