The Feldstein-Horioka Paradox – Evidence for Colombia during 1925-2011

Óscar Penagos Gómez, Héctor Rojas Serrano, Jacobo Campo Robledo
Abstract 1821 | PDF Downloads 1264 HTML Downloads 426 | DOI

Regional Relationships in New Housing Prices in Colombia

Hernán Enríquez Sierra, Jacobo Campo Robledo, Antonio Avendaño Arosemena
Abstract 1406 | PDF Downloads 637 HTML Downloads 276 | DOI

The Effect of Central Bank Policy Decisions on Stock Market Returns in Chile

Andrés A. Acuña, Cristián F. Pinto
Abstract 4866 | PDF Downloads 579 HTML Downloads 244 | DOI

The Effect of a Sports Stadium on Housing Rents: An Application of Geographically Weighted Regression

Jorge Enrique Agudelo Torres, Gabriel Alberto Agudelo Torres, Luis Ceferino Franco Arbeláez, Luis Eduardo Franco Ceballos
Abstract 1756 | PDF Downloads 692 HTML Downloads 945 | DOI

The Struggle for Territorial Control in Colombia: An Analysis of the Dynamics of the Armed Conflict

Juan Fernando Henao Duque, Jorge Eliécer Montoya Gallo, Felipe Alberto Velásquez Orozco
Abstract 5977 | PDF Downloads 2033 HTML Downloads 2387 | DOI