Ecos de Economía
A Latin American Journal of Applied Economics
Latin America in the post-COVID-19 era. Lessons, challenges and opportunities.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Latin America is facing the worst crisis in history (CEPAL, 2021). Immediate socio-economic effects have been evidenced in the increase in poverty, extreme poverty and inequality. Additionally, the economic crisis unleashed by the pandemic has the potential to reverse some of the economic and social progress achieved by the region during the first two decades of the new millennium. Looking forward, governments and societies face the challenge of deepening measures to mitigate the immediate effects, without sacrificing progress toward long-term objectives. Short-term measures include, among others, economic assistance programs, testing and vaccination processes, as well as the gradual reopening of economies. The potentially more affected long-term objectives include universal health care, equality, labor inclusion, advances in education, and pension reform.

For this special edition, Ecos de Economía invites researchers to submit papers on economics and finance issues relevant to the region in the post-CO-VID-19 era. We are interested in the following topics, without excluding others of importance within the general purpose of this call.

  • Impacts on economic growth.
  • Agricultural and food safety effects.
  • Impacts on poverty and welfare.
  • Tourism and transportation effects.
  • Growing economic inequality.
  • The future of education after the pandemic.
  • Fiscal and monetary policy responses and implications.
  • Challenges of fiscal policy during recovery.
  • Labor markets after COVID-19.
  • Changes in capital mobility.
  • Impact and recovery of international trade.
  • Regional integration for post-pandemic recovery.
  • Economic and financial lessons from history for post-pandemic.
  • Interactions between the real and financial economy in the pandemic.
  • Growing sovereign debt and country risk.
  • Effects on pension systems.
  • Post-pandemic challenges for Latin American capital markets.
  • Implications on the Banking System.

Articles of an empirical and theoretical nature, as well as discussion articles, will be considered. There are no restrictions on the length of individual articles, so short articles of around 6,000 words, may be submitted. The deadline for submitting papers is the 11th of October, 2021.

The articles submitted for this special edition will enter the Fast Track mode, where the author will be informed within a maximum of two months if the article is approved subject to minor corrections, or rejected after review. Desk rejections will be processed within a maximum period of two weeks.

The estimated online article publication for the special issue will be February 15, 2022.

Articles must be submitted here

Download here the PDF call for papers.