Irregular Migration: The Poor Side of Globalization?

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David Sierra
Stephanie Peñaranda



The world we live in today experiences the movement and relocation of goods, services, capitals and also humans. When regulations strengthen and coming into a country becomes more difficult, irregular migration practices take place, and the phenomenon floods many spheres of society, but due to the nature of migration processes and countries’ selective criteria, at the end, those who undergo on ir¬regular migration are usually low income or poor people. The aim of this research is to evidence, by different means, that although globalization is an international trend that apparently includes everybody, it has left aside the less wealthy ones, which are those who get their visas denied, who are not allowed into countries through customs check points, and similar. This ends up generating a big interna¬tional social issue that is irregular migration, where people risk many things, up to their lives, in order to pursue a dream, a dream that in many cases, ends up being nothing else than a fairy tale.


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