Migration of Rural China: The Consequences of the New Economic System

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Luisa Fernanda Saldarriaga
María Camila Restrepo
Juliana M. Rodas



During 30 years, China has stand out over other countries due to the accelerated growth process that it has been presenting, also for having an emergent economy with the highest foreign investment indicators which allow the country to count with a dynamic international trade. But all this success is not for free; to accomplish a rapid growth, this country had to take some special measures like the creation of technological and economic development zones, industrial parks, between others that permit China to be an attractive country for foreigners. But even though the country is achieving its main economical objective; the situation China is living today in the interior of the coun¬try, makes all the economical efforts worthless. The majority of income resulting from direct foreign investment and trade is only staying in the hands of few people and the gaps between urban and rural zones are getting bigger by the day, situa¬tion that impulses migration at a scandalous growing rates. There is also a lack of work regulations which result in multinationals augmenting their greed of earning more money by reducing costs at the expense of scarifying their employees´ right of counting with a safe and healthy work environment.


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