Applicability of firm internationalization theories to Colombian Multinational Enterprises

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Sabina Argáez Hernández
Anne Marie Zwerg-Villegas



An effect of the globalization process is the increase of the international participation of developing countries firms (dcfs). Most of the extant literature focuses on the internationalization process of the multinational enterprises (mnes) from developed countries, but has paid less attention to the internationalization of dcfs; so it is unclear if the dcfs apply the internationalization theories to their processes of expanding abroad. This article focuses on the Colombian mnes and, with existing data from Colombian cases, will study the applicability of those theories to their internationalization processes. Therefore, it has three intentions: 1. To provide a general overview of the firm internationalization theories; 2. To show Colombian firm adherence these theories to their internationalization processes; and 3. To provide new directions for the internationalization for the Colombian companies.


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