Published: 2013-12-10


Evaluation of the Company Size Effect on Latin American Stock Markets

Juan Benjamín Duarte Duarte, Zulay Yesenia Ramírez León, Katherine Julieth Sierra Suárez
Abstract 1336 | PDF (Español) Downloads 721 | DOI

Page 5-28

Misery Index Corrected by Informality: Applicable to Venezuela

Josefa Ramoni Perazzi, Giampaolo Orlandoni Merli
Abstract 1268 | PDF (Español) Downloads 999 | DOI

Page 29-49

Methods for Predicting Stock Indexes

Martha Cecilia García, Aura María Jalal, Luis Alfonso Garzón, Jorge Mario López
Abstract 1824 | PDF (Español) Downloads 1721 | DOI

Page 51-82

Poverty in Capitalism. Why is it Persisting Today?

Víctor Manuel Isidro Luna
Abstract 2187 | PDF (Español) Downloads 970 | DOI

Page 83-107

Business Cycle and Risk Premium in the Colombian Stock Market

Andrés Mauricio Gómez Sánchez, José Gabriel Astaiza Gómez
Abstract 2574 | PDF (Español) Downloads 543 | DOI

Page 109-124

Organized Communities and Potable Water Public Utilities in Colombia: Advocacy for the Third Economic Option Based on the Common-pool Resources Theory

Jhonny Moncada Mesa, Carolina Pérez Muñoz, Germán Darío Valencia Agudelo
Abstract 1917 | PDF (Español) Downloads 1210 | DOI

Page 125-159