Solving the Kirsch Problem with Mesh-free Elements Using Radial Base Interpolation Functions

Fabio H Realpe, Yasser H Ochoa, Francisco Franco, Pedro J Díaz
Abstract 757 | PDF (Español) Downloads 542 | DOI

Page 11-38

Numerical Methods Coupled with Richardson Extrapolation for Computation of Transient Power Systems

Whady Felipe Florez, Jorge W Gonzalez, Alan F Hill, Gabriel J Lopez, Juan D Lopez
Abstract 1053 | PDF Downloads 567 | DOI

Page 65-89

Design of a Network of Reverse Logistics: Case Study Usochicamocha - Boyacá

Julián David Silva Rodríguez
Abstract 987 | PDF (Español) Downloads 647 | DOI

Page 91-113

Integration of Renewable Energies and its Impact on Electricity Price

Santiago Hoyos, Carlos Jaime Franco, Isaac Dyner
Abstract 998 | PDF (Español) Downloads 688 | DOI

Page 115-146

A Generalized Model and Control for Supermagnetic and Supercapacitor Energy Storage

Walter Julián Gil González, Alejandro Garcés, Andrés Escobar Mejía
Abstract 713 | PDF Downloads 388 | DOI

Page 147-171

Methodology for Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Along Linear Projects

Juliana Mendoza Ramirez, Edier Vicente Aristizábal Giraldo
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Page 173-206


Role of Mitochondrial Function in the Heart and its Impications in Cardiac Dysfunctions

Mariana Cañas Arboleda, Nicolás D Franco-Sierra
Abstract 1251 | PDF (Español) Downloads 587 | DOI

Page 233-268

From Obtaining to Degradation of PHB: Material Properties. Part I

Antonio José dos Santos, Luiz Veriano Oliveira Dalla Valentina, Andrey Alayo Hidalgo Schulz, Márcia Adriana Tomaz Duarte
Abstract 1821 | PDF (Español) Downloads 834 | DOI

Page 269-298