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Vol 16 No 31 (2020)

Published: 2020-06-19


The Notions of Center, Commutator and Inner Isomorphism for Groupoids

Jesús Ávila, Víctor Marín
Abstract 117 | PDF Downloads 71

Page 7-26

Modeling the Availability of a Repairable Series Structure with two Units

Liliana Rodríguez-Figueredo, Álvaro Calvache-Archila
Abstract 68 | PDF (Español) Downloads 52

Page 53-76

Dπ-optimal designs for heteroscedastic nonlinear models: A robustness study

Catalina Patiño-Bustamante, Víctor López-Ríos
Abstract 57 | PDF (Español) Downloads 46

Page 77-101

Design of a Low Cost Control System for an Astronomical Observatory

Pablo Cuartas Restrepo, Natalia Gaviria-Gómez, Julian Galvez-Serna
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 93

Page 103-127

Determination of Kinetic Parameters in the Biosorption of Chromium (VI) in Aqueous Solution

Candelaria Tejada-Tovar, Angel Villabona-Ortíz, Rodrigo Ortega-Toro
Abstract 82 | PDF Downloads 81

Page 129-143

Correlation of Morphometric Variables for Landslides in the Combeima River Basin, Colombia

Gabriel Santa-Ramírez, Juan Cuevas-González, Julián Leal-Villamíl, Jader Muñoz-Ramos
Abstract 227 | PDF (Español) Downloads 87

Page 145-168

Pore Structure Characteristics and Gas Storage Potential of the Cretaceous La Luna Formation, Middle Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia

Efraín Casadiego-Quintero, Carlos Alberto Rios-Reyes
Abstract 74 | PDF Downloads 60

Page 169-205

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