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Ingeniería y Ciencia is an open-access biannual scientific journal that publishes articles in the fields of Basic Science and Engineering. 

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Vol. 17 No. 34 (2021)


Deep Learning for Forecast Scales to Prescribe Patients at Risk of Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Carlos Calderón-Vargas, José Muñoz Castaño, María Vargas Rincón, Víctor Manuel Rincón Acosta, Miguel Mendieta Hernández
Abstract 433 | PDF (Español) Downloads 307 URL (Español) Downloads 0

Page 7-22

Determinants of New Housing Prices in Bogotá for 2019: an Approach Through a Semiparametric Spatial Regression Model

Jurgen Toloza-Delgado, Oscar Melo-Martínez, Juan Azcarate-Romero
Abstract 598 | PDF (Español) Downloads 286

Page 23-52

A Generalized of Sλ-I-Convergence of Complex Uncertain Double Sequences

Carlos Granados
Abstract 277 | PDF Downloads 124

Page 53-75

A Low-Cost Raspberry Pi-based System for Facial Recognition

Cristian Miranda Orostegui, Alejandro Navarro Luna; Andrés Manjarrés García, Carlos Augusto Fajardo Ariza
Abstract 542 | PDF Downloads 414 URL Downloads 0

Page 77-95

Lie Algebra Representation, Conservation Laws and Some Invariant Solutions for a Generalized Emden-Fowler Equation

Gabriel Ignacio Loaiza Ossa, Yeisson Acevedo-Agudelo, Oscar Londoño-Duque, Danilo A. García Hernández
Abstract 400 | PDF Downloads 176

Page 97-113

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