A Generalized of Sλ-I-Convergence of Complex Uncertain Double Sequences

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Carlos Granados https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7754-1468


λI2-convergence, uncertainty theory, complex uncertain variable, ideal spaces


In this paper, we introduce the λI2 -statistically  convergence sequence concepts which are namely λI2 -statistically convergence almost surely (Sλ(I2) a.s.), λI2 -statistically convergence in measure, λI2 -statistically
convergence in mean, λI2 -statistically convergence in distribution and λI2 -statistically convergence uniformly almost surely (Sλ(I2) u.a.s.). Additionally, decomposition theorems and relationships among them are presented, further, when reciprocal of one theorem is not satisfied, an counterexample is shown to support the result. 


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