Spatial variability of the Sabana de Bogotá clayed soil in reliability of primary consolidation settlements Variabilidad espacial de arcillas en la confiabilidad de asentamientos

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Fausto Andrés Molina-Gómez
Juan Carlos Ruge
Javier Camacho-Tauta


Monte Carlo simulations, Settlement probability curves, Soil consolidation, Uncertainty


The aim of this paper is to present a reliability study of the consolidation parameters of a clayed soil from the "Sabana de Bogotá" sector. The work methodology included the extraction of clay undisturbed samples and the development of an experimental plan in the laboratory, which included thirty oedometric tests. In addition, the probability distributions of the consolidation parameters for the "Sabana de Bogotá" soil were estimated. Results allowed obtaining the variability of the compressibility properties of such materials. Otherwise, Monte Carlo simulations were performed in order to estimate settlement reliability curves. It was found that the settlement magnitude in the "Sabana de Bogotá" clayed soils is affected by the spatial variability of the compressibility properties of this kind of soil.


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