Published: 2015-08-05


Diffraction Efficiency Adjustment to Record High Quality Color Holograms

D Velásquez, L M Giraldo
Abstract 4761 | PDF Downloads 1849 HTML Downloads 595 | DOI

Page 9-23

Trajectory Generation from Motion Capture for a Planar Biped Robot in Swing Phase

Diego A Bravo, Carlos F Rengifo R
Abstract 4392 | PDF Downloads 1510 HTML Downloads 832 | DOI

Page 25-47

Analytical-Numerical Solution of a Parabolic Diffusion Equation Under Uncertainty Conditions Using DTM with Monte Carlo Simulations

Gilberto González Parra, Abraham J Arenas, Miladys Cogollo
Abstract 4615 | PDF Downloads 1583 HTML Downloads 561 | DOI

Page 49-72

Efficient Software Implementation of the Nearly Optimal Sparse Fast Fourier Transform for the Noisy Case

Alexander López-Parrado, Jaime Velasco Medina
Abstract 3890 | PDF Downloads 1447 HTML Downloads 541 | DOI

Page 73-94

Towards Procedural Map and Character Generation for the MOBA Game Genre

Alejandro Cannizzo, Esmitt Ramírez
Abstract 830 | PDF Downloads 415 HTML Downloads 169 | DOI

Page 95-119

Effect of Influential Data in 3 ω Fixed Factorial Designs

Oscar O Melo, Carlos A Falla, José A Jiménez
Abstract 523 | PDF (Español) Downloads 377 HTML (Español) Downloads 3522 | DOI

Page 121-150

Time Series Model for the Rate of Penetration in a Reference Oil Well: Puerto Boyacá - Colombia Case

Henry Daniel Hernández Martínez, Diego Fernando Lemus Polanía
Abstract 4006 | PDF (Español) Downloads 1509 HTML (Español) Downloads 496 | DOI

Page 151-172

Effect of the Recycled Rubber on the Properties of Recycled Rubber/Recycled Polypropylene Blends

Erwin Ciro, Jorge Parra, Manuel Zapata, Edwin A Murillo
Abstract 800 | PDF Downloads 306 HTML Downloads 624 | DOI

Page 173-188

The value of shapley as a strategy for Resource Optimization on Power Line Communication (PLC)

Juan C Vesga, Gerardo Granados Acuña, Javier E Sierra Carrillo
Abstract 497 | PDF (Español) Downloads 288 HTML (Español) Downloads 521 | DOI

Page 189-211


Prediction of Multiphase Flow in Pipelines: Literature Review

M Jerez-Carrizales, J E Jaramillo, D Fuentes
Abstract 1891 | PDF Downloads 855 HTML Downloads 425 | DOI

Page 213-233