A combined pool/bilateral dispatch model for electricity markets with security constraints

Jesús María López Lezama, Mauricio Granada–Echeverri, Luis Alfonso Gallego Pareja
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Page 7-28

Simulation operations and line of balance: integrated tools for decision making

Luis Fernando Botero Botero, Harlem Acevedo
Abstract 1730 | PDF (Español) Downloads 516

Page 29-45

Secondary distribution system planning using branch and bound

Carlos Javier Tapias-Isaza, Andrés Alberto Galeano-Ossa, Ricardo Alberto Hincapie Isaza
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Page 47-64

Integral evaluation process for obtaining pectin and essential oil

Ivonne Cerón-Salazar, Carlos Cardona-Alzate
Abstract 4896 | PDF (Español) Downloads 3147

Page 65-86

Supply channel coordination in a newsvendor model with two allocation quotas

Gerardo Arango Ospina, César Escalante Coterio, Carolina Rendón Aguirre
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Page 87-110

A Proposal to increase by genetic algorithm the discriminatory

Dúber Martínez, Humberto Loaiza C, Eduardo Caicedo B
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A differential equation for the calculation of the functions de jost for regular potentials Application to the system e‾+ H(1s)

Luis Arturo Alcalá, Héctor Maya Taboada
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Page 151-159

Solution of a simplified advertising model using optimal control techniques

Ekaterina Tuchnolobova, Viktor Terletskii, O Vasilieva
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Page 161-183