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In this review article, we examined the role of mitochondria in the good functioning of the heart, and in the generation of various cardiac conditions, which are characterized by low energy production by the mitochondria and therefore, there is an increase in the loss of cardiomyocytes that leads to malfunction of the heart. It has been determined that certain mitochondrial dysfunctions associated with cardiac disorders are related to alterations of the oxidative phosphorylation system, as well as to the reduction of certain structural components such as cardiolipin and the formation of supercomplexes. It is estimated that about 2.3% of the Colombian population may present prevalence to heart failure. The objective of the present
review is to present the investigative advances related to cardiac diseases caused by mitochondrial dysfunction, as well the identification of different investigations directed at the creation of treatment alternatives for these pathologies, all in order to contribute to the construction of lines of work that take the mitochondria as a therapeutic target.


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mitocondria; función cardíaca; falla cardiaca; disfunciones mitocondriales
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CAÑAS ARBOLEDA, Mariana; FRANCO-SIERRA, Nicolás D. Role of Mitochondrial Function in the Heart and its Impications in Cardiac Dysfunctions. Ingeniería y Ciencia, [S.l.], v. 13, n. 26, p. 233-268, nov. 2017. ISSN 2256-4314. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 22 oct. 2018. doi: