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Leandro Ordóñez Ante Adriana X Bastidas Narváez Juan Carlos Corrales


As a measure to improve competitiveness in the telecommunications market, currently companies in the sector create new value added services, in order to extend its services portfolio and to ensure either the retention of its customers or increase the number of its subscribers. These new services must rely on business processes defined by the Telecommunications Service Provider, which are
composed of operation, management, maintenance and support tasks. Generally, Telco Architects reuse those tasks in order to optimize enterprise resource
and to ensure prompt return on investment, amortizing over the shortest possible time the outgoings due to creation and deployment of the new service.
The reuse of Telco tasks involves constraints regarding the speed in selection, since usually, there are hundreds of tasks, and it requires the intervention of technical staff to carry out the recovery operations, based on their subjective interpretation of the business process to be implemented. There exist different approaches to automate the resources selection, generally focused on the semantic matching of concepts that describe their access interfaces (inputs and outputs); however, is shown that the application of these techniques omits relevant information contained in other attributes, such as identifiers. For this reason, this paper proposes a mechanism to determine the semantic similarity
of tasks that make up telecommunications business processes, considering two perspectives: the inference on the tasks functionality specified in identifiers,
and coverage analysis of inputs and outputs.

PACS: 84.40.Ua

MSC: 62H25, 33F10, 68Q55


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business processes, telecommunications, tasks, semantic match-making, semantic similarity, ontology.
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ORDÓÑEZ ANTE, Leandro; BASTIDAS NARVÁEZ, Adriana X; CORRALES, Juan Carlos. Semantic similarity estimation of tasks between telecommunications business processes. Ingeniería y Ciencia, [S.l.], v. 8, n. 15, p. 65-95, june 2012. ISSN 2256-4314. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 12 nov. 2018. doi: