Evaluation of mixing conditions and its influence over free residual

C Montoya, C H Cruz, P Torres, Santiago Laín, J C Escobar
Abstract 1549 | PDF (Español) Downloads 806 | DOI

Page 9-30

Deposition of ZnSO4 · 3Zn(OH)2 · 4H2O films by SILAR method and their study by XRD, SEM and µ-Raman

F N Jiménez García, H H Ortiz Alvarez, H Reyes Pineda
Abstract 1019 | PDF (Español) Downloads 705 | DOI

Page 31-45

Al2O3 sintered pellets as thermoluminescent dosimeters

Amalia Osorio, Juana Salcedo, Rafael Cogollo
Abstract 757 | PDF (Español) Downloads 312 | DOI

Page 47-64

Semantic similarity estimation of tasks between telecommunications business processes

Leandro Ordóñez Ante, Adriana X Bastidas Narváez, Juan Carlos Corrales
Abstract 865 | PDF (Español) Downloads 468 | DOI

Page 65-95

Logic of the tautologies

Manuel Sierra A.
Abstract 647 | PDF (Español) Downloads 669 | DOI

Page 96-119

Optimal Phase Balancing Planning for Loss Reduction in Distribution Systems using a Specialized Genetic Algorithm

Mauricio Granada Echeverri, Ramón Alfonso Gallego Rendón, Jesús María López Lezama
Abstract 1184 | PDF Downloads 526 | DOI

Page 121-140

Reuse of a residue from petrochemical industry with portland cement

Janneth Torres Agredo, Jenny J Trochez Serna, Ruby Mejía de Gutierrez
Abstract 1474 | PDF (Español) Downloads 867 | DOI

Page 141-156

Bayesian estimation of a proportion under an asymmetric observation error

Juan Carlos Correa Morales, Juan Carlos Salazar Uribe
Abstract 715 | PDF (Español) Downloads 658 | DOI

Page 157-170


Characterization, identification and location of voltage sags: review of state of art

Jairo Blanco Solano, Johann F Petit Suárez, Gabriel Ordoñez Plata, Víctor Barrera Núñez
Abstract 1602 | PDF (Español) Downloads 477 | DOI

Page 191-220

Floating macrophytes on the wastewater treatment: a state of the art review

Jorge Martelo, Jaime A Lara Borrero
Abstract 3026 | PDF (Español) Downloads 36669 | DOI

Page 221-143