Medellín has Exporting Potencial In Tertiarization of Information-Technology (ITO) and Knowledge- Processes (KPO) Services: Challenges and Strenghts

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Juan Esteban Rivera Salazar



The concepts of tertiarization and outsourcing have been inappropriately assimilated. Both notions correspond to different phenomena. Outsourcing is understood as the delegation of processes of the productive chain to third parties. On the contrary, tertiarization is a transitional process whereby a localized economy redirects the centralization of its efforts and productive factors toward the promotion and development of the tertiary sector, well known as the service sector. Colombia is not a country far from this reality because even though it is considered as a Latin American economy based upon efficiency. The government has disposed resources in order to involve itself with the private sector in the reinforcement of the benefits for exporters of services and to promote the development of the sector via training and investments.

Throughout this article, recommendations will be generated for the tertiary sector in Colombia, which potential, especially in Medellin, has turned into a motivation for economic growth and the strengthening of exports.

Furthermore, it will explain the reasons why the sector has several opportunities in terms of entrance, expansion, and investment in key markets from the Pacific Alliance. Colombia is already a member of this commercial platform; Its purpose is to consolidate regional support for the strengthening of a net- work aimed at the Asian-Pacific region.


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