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Mundo Asia Pacífico (MAP) is a semi-annual journal that seeks to coordinate multidisciplinary knowledge of the Asia Pacific region and its ties with Latin America from different perspectives.

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Current Issue

Vol 9 No 16 (2020): Revista Digital Mundo Asia Pacífico

Published: 2020-06-23


Abstract 43 | PDF (Español) Downloads 26

Page 4


Unicorns Gallop Rampant Through China And India: Successes And Similarities

James Pérez
Abstract 150 | PDF (Español) Downloads 121

Page 28-49

Memory and Literature: Colonization and Construction of the Past in the Novel Pachinko

Verónica del Valle
Abstract 118 | PDF (Español) Downloads 104

Page 50-66

Asia, The Fourth Transformation and the Global Change of Power

Adolfo Alberto Laborde
Abstract 310 | PDF (Español) Downloads 265

Page 67-92

Asia Today

The Role of Women in Korea: A Review of Historical Milestones

Valentina Najar
Abstract 114 | PDF (Español) Downloads 193

Page 94-104

Cultural factors of corporate governance in South Korea

Laura Guinand
Abstract 56 | PDF (Español) Downloads 99

Page 118-123

Okja: a critique of capitalism

Julián Posada
Abstract 31 | PDF (Español) Downloads 35

Page 124-125

Duality in the definition of anime

Yesenia Melguizo
Abstract 142 | PDF (Español) Downloads 68

Page 126-128

Dead Kids review

Mónica Zapata
Abstract 18 | PDF (Español) Downloads 18

Page 129-130

Korea 2020 Coffee Show

María José Guevara
Abstract 25 | PDF (Español) Downloads 35

Page 131-132

Yanbian, the third Korea

Ana María Hernández, Luisa Fernanda López
Abstract 34 | PDF (Español) Downloads 40

Page 133-136

Mongolian: that unsuspected mystery

Natalia Ramírez
Abstract 26 | PDF (Español) Downloads 34

Page 137-138

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