Translating the sociopolitical realias of North Korea into Spanish: an intertextual approach

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Andrii Ryzhkov
Nayelli López Rocha



This article focuses on the translation from Korean into Spanish of the re- alias – the vocabulary with zero equivalence in the target language – of North Korea reflected in Baridegi, novel written by the South Korean author Hwang Sok-yong. According to some literary critics, the work aims at alerting South Korean and Western audiences about the reality of the North Koreans, hence it deserves a thorough translation. Realias serve as indicators that make rea- ders aware of the presence of broader and deeper context. The methodology of Critical Discourse Analysis (ACD) is used to develop the relationships bet- ween text and context. The concepts of intertextuality and interdiscursivity are used and the relationships with other texts are analyzed in order to attain the most adequate translation.


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