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Ecos de Economia is a Latin American journal of applied economics, with a particular interest in the quantitative analysis of economic, financial, and public policy issues and/or themes related to Latin America.

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Vol. 25 No. 52 (2021)


Pricing Process in Mexico: New Evidence on the Inflation Dynamics

Eduardo Gilberto Loría Díaz de Guzmán, Dr., Gustavo Javier Valdez Bonecchi, Lic., Mario Alberto Robles Juárez, Lic.
Abstract 1126 | PDF Downloads 907

Page 4-25

Chinese Multinational Enterprises: Effects on World Poverty

Omar Neme Castillo, Cesaire Chiatchoua, José Israel Briseño Perezyera
Abstract 720 | PDF (Español) Downloads 581

Page 26-55

Residential Segregation: Empirical Evidence of the Influence of Human Capital in the City of Armenia, Colombia

Juan Manuel Aristizábal, Juan Carlos Vásquez
Abstract 663 | PDF (Español) Downloads 427

Page 56-77

Mujeres emprendedoras en América Latina

Monserrat Serio
Abstract 419 | PDF (Español) Downloads 516

Page 78-115

A Study of the Determinants of Large-Scale Financing Decision: The Case of the Pacific Alliance Countries

Judith Cecilia Vergara Garavito, Sandra Patricia Henao Rodríguez, Mario Alberto Mosquera Valencia
Abstract 317 | PDF (Español) Downloads 157

Page 116-135

Impact of competition and voucher school subsidy law on education quality in Chile

Jorge Andrés Muñoz Mendoza, Carmen Lissette Veloso Ramos, Sandra María Sepúlveda Yelpo, Carlos Leandro Delgado Fuentealba, Rodrigo Alberto Fuentes Solís, Edinson Edgardo Cornejo Saavedra
Abstract 329 | PDF Downloads 220

Page 136-159

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