Published: 2012-12-10


Foreign direct investment, exports, Gross Domestic Product and the labor market in Puerto Rico

Miriam Basem-Hassan Lomabrdi, Ahmad H. Juma'h, Felix Cué García, Ángel L. Ruiz Mercado, Antonio A. Lloréns Rivera
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Page 5-28

Real options as an alternative methodology to assess investment projects

Armando Lenin Támara Ayús, Raúl Enrique Aristizábal Velásquez
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Page 29-44

Long-term relationship between energy consumption and GDP in Latin America: an empirical assessment using panel data

Carlos Alberto Barreto Nieto, Jacobo Campo Robledo
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Page 73-89

Economic Development in Latin America and the regional integrations in the twentieth century

Rodolfo Iván González Molina
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Page 123-161