Published: 2013-07-30


Pay as you Go System versus Fully Funded Pension in Peru

Jorge B. Guillén, Ruben Mosqueda
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Page 5-19

Development of the service sector and its role in consolidating global economic growth

Andrés Fernando Jola Sánchez
Abstract 2196 | PDF (Español) Downloads 741 HTML (Español) Downloads 9150 | DOI

Page 43-68

Oligopolistic differentiation of the Colombian green bean coffee in the US market

Andrés Julián Rendón Cardona
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Page 99-125

Bankruptcy and loans in Puerto Rico:an exploratory overview of their relationship

Marta Álvarez
Abstract 720 | PDF (Español) Downloads 262 HTML (Español) Downloads 4159 | DOI

Page 127-146

The elasticity of drugs demand in Colombia’s pharmaceutical market

Johanna Vásquez Velásquez, Karoll Gómez Portilla, Elkin Castaño Vélez, José Vicente Cadavid Herrera, Andrés Ramírez Hassan
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Page 147-172