Árbitros del volumen 7

Editor Ingeniería y Ciencia
Abstract 376 | PDF (Español) Downloads 294

Page 5-7


Influence of processing parameters on micro-perforated with ultrashort pulses

S Ceballos P, P Moreno, A García
Abstract 587 | PDF (Español) Downloads 196

Page 11-27

Product and Quotient of Independent Gauss Hypergeometric Variables

Daya Krishna Nagar, Danilo Bedoya Valencia
Abstract 808 | PDF Downloads 259

Page 29-48

Optical Properties of Ldpe Films with different Additives Mixtures

W Aperador Chaparro, A E Delgado, J H Bautista Ruiz
Abstract 614 | PDF Downloads 450

Page 49-70

Influence of substrate temperature on the microstructure of TiN/TiC

D M Devia, Fernando Mesa, Pedro José Arango
Abstract 935 | PDF (Español) Downloads 257

Page 71-82

Estimation of mechanical properties of rock using artificial intelligence

Laura Viviana Galvis, César Augusto Ochoa, Henry Arguello Fuentes, Jenny Mabel Carvajal Jiménez, Zuly Himelda Calderón Carrillo
Abstract 955 | PDF (Español) Downloads 496

Page 83-103

α-MoO3 thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis

H M Martínez, J Torres, L D López-Carreño, J E Alfonso, Luis Moreno, A Pardo
Abstract 1189 | PDF (Español) Downloads 330

Page 105-117

Study of the thermal properties of corn flours produced by thermal-alkaline treatment

P. Pineda–Gómez, Diego F Coral, D Ramos-Rivera, A. Rosales Rivera
Abstract 1041 | PDF (Español) Downloads 316

Page 119-142