Incidencia del sistema de castas en el desarrollo de la India

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Laura Gómez Gómez
Liceth Natalia Manrique Ramírez


India, economic growth vs. development, human capital, caste system, Dalits


India is a country where people experience daily disparities and contradictions. In its 28 states and seven territories, it holds a multitude of diverse cultural ethnics, languages and religions. When it comes to economic growth, India has surpassed other nations, some of them from the Asia Pacific region. However, on regards to social indicators, such as, extension of life expectancy, reduction of child mortality, increase of the literacy rate of women, it has been surpassed by others in the region. One of the main aspects that has influenced its slow development is inequity, due to a large extent to the caste system, social structure for more than 3.500 years in the subcontinent.


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