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Within this section you will find a wide variety of articles, mostly made by students of EAFIT University. These are: What can Latin American countries do to involve China in the goal of achieving sustainable development in Latin America? Realized by the student Mera Sue Conger; Sino-Japanese relations: historical enemies forced to understand each other, made by the student Cristian Camilo Marín Giraldo; Panorama of the negotiation process between the Pacific Alliance and New Zealand, conducted by Oscar Eduardo Restrepo Cortés; two great reviews made by students of the Asia Pacific Research Seed: Marialejandra Domínguez Aceros - "Cheese in the trap", Sara Catalina Mesa Rivera - "The way home"; a section on Asian Fairs, including the "First belt and road international food expo, Hong Kong" and the "Seoul food & hotel Korea 2018"; a special one of the main news of the radio program Contacto Asia Pacific of the semester 2018-1 and finally, a small introduction to the mandarí language, made by Gabriela Palacios Ramírez, student of the EAFIT University.


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