Potential exporter of Colombian avocado to South Korea

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Valentina Peláez Peinado
Diego Fernando Núñez Cadavid


Colombia, South Korea, avocado, Free Trade Agreement


There is a growing interest in Colombia in boosting its agricultural exports and diversify them in their composition and destinations. Avocado is one of the products with the most significant potential to achieve this task. The article analyses the avocado market globally, emphasizing the dynamics in interna- tional markets, particularly from Colombia's perspective as a producer and exporter and of South Korea as an importer. The analysis concludes that the increase in demand in South Korea shows the country's growing interest in avocado both as a consumer product and a raw material for other industries. This potential represents an opportunity for Colombian avocado exports be- cause of the tariff concessions and preferential access obtained in the Colom- bia-Korea FTA and the ongoing negotiations between governments to grant sanitary and phytosanitary access to this product.


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