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Vol 15 No 29 (2019)

Published: 2019-06-04


Influence of the ENSO on the spatial and temporal variability ocurrence of landslides triggered by rain in the Andean region

Karolina Naranjo Bedoya, Edier Vicente Aristizábal Giraldo, José Alfred Morales Rodelo
Abstract 216 | PDF (Español) Downloads 178

Page 11-42

Acquisition and Evaluation of Rock Mass Geometric Data from Three-Dimensional Images for use in Geotechnical Analysis

Jorge Luis Peñuela-Nieto, Gloria Inés Beltrán-Calvo, Rodrigo Hernández-Carrillo
Abstract 185 | PDF (Español) Downloads 135

Page 43-73

Proposal of a Tool for Integrating BIM and Financial Decisions in Construction Projects

Wilson Andrés Prieto-Tibaduiza, Sebastián Mauricio Rocha-Vega, Holmes Julián Páez, Natalia E Lozano-Ramírez
Abstract 257 | PDF (Español) Downloads 163

Page 75-101

Enhanced RC5 Algorithm using Parallel Computing for Communication Networks

David Fabián Cevallos Salas
Abstract 176 | PDF Downloads 94

Page 103-125

Analytical Approximation of Fuel Consumption and Periodic Behaviors for a Vehicle that Travels Through a Traffic Light Series

M J Mesa-Mazo, Johnny Valencia-Calvo, Gerard Olivar-Tost
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 119

Page 127-156

Nakayama Automorphism of Some Skew PBW Extensions

Héctor Suárez, Armando Reyes
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 90

Page 157-177


Spray Drying of Lactic Acid Bacteria

Madalyd Yurani Vera Peña, Misael Cortés Rodríguez, Francia Elena Valencia-García
Abstract 133 | PDF (Español) Downloads 124

Page 179-213

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