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Focus and Scope

The Ingeniería y Ciencia journal targets the academic, scientific and industrial communities involved in the fields of Science and Engineering. Its aim is to present and disseminate works of basic and applied research that contribute to the development of science and industry in the short, medium or long term. Its scope is both local and international. Publication subjects include mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology and the articulation of these areas with the practice of engineering. The editorial and scientific committees welcome papers in which the formalization or theoretical background is presented and leads to an application of engineering. They also welcome other types of papers. Likewise, they also accept publications in which the practice of engineering is used as a means to present research problems that are inherent to the basic sciences.

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Call for papers Special issue of Ingenieria y Ciencia on Innovative applications of Operations Research (ASOCIO2015)


The aim of the Congress of the Colombian Association of Operations Research (ASOCIO) ( is to bring together academicians and practitioners working on theory and applications of the Operations Research and the Management Sciences (OR/MS) for the resolution of complex problems.

The aim of this special issue is to collect high quality research papers related to the topics of the conference with a particular focus on Innovative applications of Operations Research. Specific topics of interest include but are not limited to application of OR techniques in: Health care, Medical decision making, Environmental sciences and natural resources, Agriculture and forestry, Electric systems, Telecommunications and electronics, Data mining, Finance and insurance and Education, Urban planning. 

  • Deadline for full paper submission: august 15, 2015
  • Expected notification to authors of initial review: September 30, 2015
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Vol 11, No 21 (2015): 10 años

Table of Contents


Félix Londoño G


Favián Arenas A, Héctor J Martínez, Rosana Pérez
Álvaro Alexander Burbano Moreno, Oscar Orlano Melo Martinez
Juan Camilo Ramirez Henao, Leonardo Duque Muñoz
Rafael E Vásquez, Julio C Correa, Juan A Ramírez-Macías, Elkin A Taborda, Carlos A Zuluaga, Norha L Posada, Jorge M Londoño
A A Velásquez, Juliana Baena Rodríguez, Yhefferson Fernando Gutiérrez Loaiza
Edwin Córdoba Tuta, David Fuentes Díaz
Edson Baltazar Estrada-Arriaga, Petia Mijaylova Nacheva, Liliana García-Sánchez
Adriana Gomez, Jorge Orlando Avila Díaz, Natalia Quintana Pulido
Orlando Daniel Arroyo Amell, Lilibeth Ramos Castillo
Alejandro Vásquez Hernández, Luis Fernando Botero Botero, David Carvajal Arango
Carlos Augusto Fajardo Ariza, Oscar Mauricio Reyes Torres, Ana Beatriz Ramirez Silva


D M Devia, L. V Rodriguez-Restrepo, E Restrepo-Parra

Ingeniería y Ciencia 
ISSN: 1794-9165 
EISSN: 2256-4314