Ingeniería y Ciencia journal

Editores: Juan Diego Jaramillo y Jairo Villegas
Periodicidad: semestral
DOI: 10.17230/ingciencia
ISSN: 1794-9165 | e-ISSN: 2256-4314

The Ingeniería y Ciencia journal targets the academic, scientific and industrial communities involved in the fields of Science and Engineering. Its aim is to publish original articles and reviews on basic and applied research that contribute to the development of science and industry in the short, medium or long term. Its scope is both local and international. Publication subjects include mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology and the articulation of these areas with the practice of engineering. 


Vol 13 No 25 (2017)

Published: 2017-04-24

Surveillance Camera Location Models on a Public Transportation Network

Nathaly Solano-Pinzón, David Pinzón-Marroquín, William Javier Guerrero


Improvement of proton-exchange membranes based on (1-x)(H3PO2/PVA)-xTiO2

M E Fernandez, G Murillo, R A Vargas, D Peña Lara, J E Diosa


Perceptual Digest Function for Verifying Integrity in Audio Forensics

Dora María Ballesteros, Diego Renza, Héctor Duvan Ortiz


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