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AD-minister is an interdisciplinary academic journal and we publish scientific papers resulted of empirical evidence and that contribute to understanding the management of companies in emerging economies and markets.


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Call for Papers in Special Issue of “Building a Sustainability-oriented Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets under a Risk Environment”

Large organizations and corporations’ main decisions lay in the hands of a few. As these business agents are the most influential contributors to the countries’ business environment, due to their strong and extensive relationships with almost every society’s spheres, their governance behavior are able to provide valuable insights about growth, power, and development dynamics within the organizational landscape (Carroll & Fennema, 2002; Hambrick, 2007; Pettigrew, 1992). Nowadays, stakeholders’ demands represent several sustainability challenges for organizations since they have to overcome these from different strategic perspectives such as developing innovation, achieving economic growth, standing for corporate reputation, entering into the digital revolution, facing important social issues, and soon (Aguilera et al., 2007; Gomez-Trujillo et al., 2020; Ogaga et al., 2019). Hence, both, formal as well as informal mechanisms for corporate governance come up with different ways to understand how organizations’ leaders deal with their essential tasks such as control, supervision, and management (Cordova, 2018; La Porta et al., 2000; Shleifer & Vishny, 1997: Osedo et al., 2020), through their way to perform those major perspectives. As an additional challenge to this, emerging markets’ environment provide opportunities as well as constraints (Vassolo et al., 2011; Young et al., 2014; Letting et al., 2012; Ongore, 2011; Wasike & Owino, 2020) to mobilize those corporate governance efforts toward sustainability concerns (Clarke, 2015; Gomez-Trujillo & Gonzalez-Perez, 2020), while business leaders guide their vessels through increasingly risky scenarios.


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Current Issue

No 37 (2020)

Published: 2020-12-17

The associations of board of directors’ characteristics with modified audit opinion

Waddah Kamal Hassan Omer, Khaled Salmen Aljaaidi, Mohd ‘Atef Md Yusof, Mohamad Hisyam Selamat
Abstract 473 | PDF (Español) Downloads 0

Page 5-34

The private sector and peacebuilding in postconflict colombia: a theoretical study

Cristian Bedoya Dorado, Melissa Charfuelán Aguirre
Abstract 267 | PDF (Español) Downloads 0

Page 35-56

Sustainable consumption in tourism: an approach to its state of knowledge

Judith Alejandra Velázquez Castro, Erika Cruz-Coria, Juan Ramírez-Godínez, Elva Esther Vargas-Martínez
Abstract 285 | PDF (Español) Downloads 0

Page 57-84

The Impact of Knowledge Management on Organizational Performance: A Structural Equation Modeling Study

Leila Namdarian, Arman Sajedinejad, Somayeh Bahanesteh
Abstract 319 | PDF Downloads 0

Page 85-108

The model of workforce agility dependent on drivers, strategies, practices, and results

Hamidreza Dehghani, Alireza Rezghi Rostami, Behzad Mashali
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 0
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