Culture, industrial policy and international competitiveness of Colombian Pyme’s (SME’s)

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Luis Fernanado Bustamante Zapata
Ana Carolina Arboleda Gallo
Jahir Alexander Gutiérrez Ossa


Culture, Industrial Policy, Competitiveness, PyMEs (SMEs).


So far the analysis related to the PyME production has focused on its components:organization, policies and technology. All these elements are considered as support for thePyMEs’ economic, productive and social management (Cardona, Cano, Ramírez, & Gutiérrez,2006). Thus, they help to determine the Colombian PyMEs’ relative competitiveness in theglobalized environment. This article pursues the establishment of cultural variables thataffect the production in the international business context through the analytic-syntheticmethod, in order to unravel the possible impact in terms of competitiveness as an industrialpolicy element.


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