Published: 2013-05-31


Two decades of economic liberalization and globalization in Latin America

Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez
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Page 7-8

Effect of globalization on Technical Efficiency in the regional context of Colombia

Osvaldo U. Becerril-Torres, Gabriela Munguía Vázquez
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Page 9-31

Internationalisation as an explicit objective in the declared vision and mission of the 500 largest companies in Colombia

Cristina Robledo Ardila, Carolina Ríos Molina
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Page 33-50

Internationalization and the Internet: A New Outlook on International Marketing

Verónica Henao Posada
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Page 51-68

Income Content of the World Coffee Exports

Orlando Monteiro da Silva, Carlos Antonio Leite
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Technological Structure of Industrial Exports in Latin America (1990-2010)

Enrique Gilles, Danilo Torres Reina
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Page 95-111