Published: 2009-12-13

Multicriteria Estimated Cost of Equity Capital

Juan Carlos Gutiérrez Betancur
Abstract 691 | PDF (Español) Downloads 839

Page 13-31

Prediction of the daily share price fluctuations of SURAMINV. A neural netword model

Jaime Enrique Arrieta Bechara, Juan Camilo Torres Cruz, Hermilson Velásquez Ceballos
Abstract 826 | PDF (Español) Downloads 1281

Page 32-46

Measuring VaR of Discounted Cash Flows. Application to a Business Case

Jenny Moscoso Escobar
Abstract 782 | PDF (Español) Downloads 6438

Page 47-67

Structured Monte Carlo. Estimated value at risk in a stock portfolio in Colombia

María Auxiliadora Vergara Cogollo, Cecilia Maya Ochoa
Abstract 1110 | PDF (Español) Downloads 6569

Page 68-88

Trading Activity in Colombian Stock Markets. Determinants and evolution 1997-2007

Diego Alonso Agudelo Rueda
Abstract 542 | PDF (Español) Downloads 703

Page 89-112

Value at risk from the viewpoint of copulas

Ana Milena Olarte Cadavid, Gabriel Ignacio Torres Avendaño
Abstract 619 | PDF (Español) Downloads 1573

Page 113-136

Corporate Governance in Colombia. Current trends

Sandra Gaitán Riaño
Abstract 2039 | PDF (Español) Downloads 22374

Page 137-153

Portafolio management: A critical view beyond Markowitz

Duván Darío Grajales Bedoya
Abstract 1208 | PDF (Español) Downloads 7461

Page 154-162