Some Exact Solutions for a Klein Gordon Equation

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H H Ortíz Álvarez
F N Jiménez García
Abel Enrique Posso Agudelo


Lie simmetries, Klein Gordon equation, invariant solutions.


In solving practical problems in science and engineering arises as a direct consequence differential equations that explains the dynamics of the phenomena. Finding exact solutions to this equations provides importan information about the behavior of physical systems. The Lie symmetry method allows tofind invariant solutions under certain groups of transformations for differential equations.This method not very well known and used is of great importance in the scientific community. By this approach it was possible to find several exactinvariant solutions for the Klein Gordon Equation uxx − utt = k(u). A particularcase, The Kolmogorov equation uxx − utt = k1u + k2un was considered.These equations appear in the study of relativistic and quantum physics. The general solutions found, could be used for future explorations on the study for other specific K(u) functions.

MSC: 35A30


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