Local atractivity in zip bifurcation

Carlos Mario Escobar–Callejas, José Rodrigo González–Granada, Abel Enrique Posso Agudelo
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Page 11-41

A simple proof of Abel’s theorem on the lemniscate

Leonardo Solanilla, Óscar Palacio, Uriel Hernández
Abstract 928 | PDF Downloads 445

Page 43-49

Fraccional Fourier transform in the case of an inclined image plane

C O Torres, L Mattos, C Jiménez, Jaime Castillo Pérez, Y Torres
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Page 51-64

Motion equation of a finite dynamic elastic plane lineal element plane lineal element

Américo G Hossne
Abstract 992 | PDF (Español) Downloads 295

Page 65-80

Epistemic and doxastic logic with restrictions

Manuel Sierra A.
Abstract 826 | PDF (Español) Downloads 351

Page 81-115

Dynamics in systems of pipes with different movements in its ends

Arnulfo Luévanos-Rojas
Abstract 687 | PDF (Español) Downloads 220

Page 117-144

Binomial tree for option valuation process derived from stochastic autonomous differential equation

Freddy Marín-Sánchez
Abstract 1426 | PDF (Español) Downloads 767

Page 145-170

Light measurement model to assess software development process improvement

Diana Vásquez, César Pardo, César A collazos, Francisco J Pino
Abstract 1288 | PDF (Español) Downloads 448

Page 171-202