Published: 2014-06-24


Edición especial en materiales

Claudia Constanza Palacio Espinosa
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Densification of PZN-10PT ceramics from powders obtained by the combustion reaction synthesis

C F V. Raigoza, J A Eiras, Ruth H Kiminami, Ducinei Garcia
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Page 11-21

Study of the spectral response in the visible spectral region the ZnSe thin films

A Patricia Pardo Gonzalez, H G Castro–Lora, N J Torres, L D López-Carreño, H M Martínez, N T Ramírez
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Page 23-35

Fabrication and Characterization of Alq3 Thin Films

R. P. Adames, J A Segura, D P Gómez, A M Ardila
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Page 37-50

Structural and Morphological Properties of Titanium Aluminum Nitride Coatings Produced by Triode Magnetron Sputtering

D M Devia, E Restrepo-Parra, J M Vélez-Restrepo
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Page 51-64

Monte Carlo Simulation of Ferroelectric Behavior in PZT Films by Using a Stress Dependent DIFFOUR Hamiltonian

E Restrepo-Parra, H H Ortíz Álvarez, C M Bedoya-Hincapié
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Page 65-76

Graphic Interface Implementation for Studying Magnetotransport Properties in Bilayers of Manganites Type Perovskite

Elisabeth Restrepo Parra, Hector Silvio Barco Ríos, Edilberto Rojas calderon
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Page 77-92

Design and Construction of a Mechatronic Reactor for the Growth of Thin Films by the Dip Coating Technique

A A Velásquez, J P Urquijo, Y Gutiérrez
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Page 93-113

Access point Selection in 802.11 Wireless Networks Guaranteeing Minimum QoS

Evelio Astaiza Hoyos, Héctor Fabio Bermúdez Oro, Dora Lucía Trujillo Dávila
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Page 115-137

Influence of Tribological Parameters on Coefficient of Friction between Polypropylene and Skin

J J Pavón Palacio, J A Villarraga Ossa, D F Tobon Espinosa
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Page 139-160

A Strategy for a Generator to Participate in the Colombian Electricity Market

Harold Salazar Isaza, José David Arias Roche
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Page 161-180

Methods for Increasing the Number of Experimental Points on a D-Optimal Design

Sindi Argumedo Galván, Víctor Ignacio López Ríos
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Page 181-201


Analytic and Heuristic Methodologies for Solving the Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem (RCPSP): a Review. Part 2

Daniel Morillo, Luis Moreno, Javier Díaz
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Page 203-227