Multiobjective Optimization for Multicast Routing in Overlay Networks using Evolutionary Algorithms

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Juan Carlos Montoya M.
Yezid Enrique Donoso M.
Ramón Fabregat G.
Edwin Montoya M.
Diego Echeverri S.


multicast, overlay networks, multiobjective optimization, MOEA


Multicast plays an important role in supporting a new generation of applications. At present and for different reasons, technical and non–technical, multicast IP hasn’t yet been totally adopted for Internet. During recent years, an active area of research is that of implementing this kind of traffic in the application layer where the multicast functionality isn´t a responsibility of the routers but that of the hosts, which we know as Multicast Overlay Networks (MON). In this article, routing in an MON is put forward as a multiobjective optimization problem (MOP) where two functions are optimized: 1) the total end to end delay of the multicast tree and 2) the maximum link utilization. The simultaneous optimization of these two functions is an NP–Complete problem and to solve this we suggest using Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEA), specifically NSGA–II.


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