Case Study on the Eligibility of Colombian Hass Avocado in the US Market: Opportunities in East Asia

Juan Carlos Díaz Vasquez, Carolina Ardila Lopez, Maria Alexandra Guerra Aranguren
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Page 5-27

Soft Power and New Chinese Diplomacy in the 21st Century with Countries of the Global South: The Latin American Case

Dra. Teresa de Jesús Portador García, Dr. Octavio Alonso Solórzano Tello
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Page 28-44

Devouring the Hallyu: Development, Hybridization, and Latin American Cannibalism

Claudio Arriojas, Indira Valentina Réquiz
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Page 45-59

Asia Today

Japanese collectivism: cultural heritage and gateway to the future

Juan Fernando Quintero Franco
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Page 77-81

Australia: a culture with fortune

Valentina Peláez Peinado
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Page 82-85

Airports, cultural gates: the case of inovative cities of Pekin and Hong Kong

Sonia Stefany Valencia de la Portilla, María Angélica Sánchez Chávez
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Page 86-90

Yamaha, a company with more than 100 years of history

Santiago Jaramillo Jaramillo
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Page 97-100

Chinese Cafe Show 2019

Diego Núñez
Abstract 155 | PDF (Español) Downloads 93

Page 100

In Focus: interview with asian community in Colombia

Aurora Echeverri Zambrano
Abstract 168 | PDF (Español) Downloads 296

Page 101-103