Publicado: 2011-09-07


Guest Editorial. Third Edition of the Revista de Negocios Internacionales

Franz Xaver Riegler
Abstract 304 | PDF Downloads 204

Page 3-6


Volunteering in Colombian Higher Education Institutions: The Case of the Universidad EAFIT

Juliana Chacón-Piedrahíta, Mónica Ordoñez-Buitrago
Abstract 193 |

Page 7-22

The Canadian Cooperation Policy in the Assistance of the Anti personnel Landmines Victims in Colombia

Camilo Alberto Perez-Restrepo
Abstract 192 | PDF Downloads 97

Page 53-67

Returning Migration

Juan David Perez-Jaramillo
Abstract 189 | PDF Downloads 110

Page 68-85

Irregular Migration: The Poor Side of Globalization?

David Sierra, Stephanie Peñaranda
Abstract 204 | PDF Downloads 194

Page 86-107

Migration of Rural China: The Consequences of the New Economic System

Luisa Fernanda Saldarriaga, María Camila Restrepo, Juliana M. Rodas
Abstract 161 | PDF Downloads 90

Page 108-125

IKEA: Crossing Borders

Annika Ekström, Marie Nilsson
Abstract 436 | PDF Downloads 386

Page 145-160