Required formation and training of frontline staff. A research proposal

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Juan Carlos Sanclemente


Formation, Training, Frontline Staff, Human Resource Management, Service Enterprises.


This article is a research proposal related to the elements that should be part of some managerial practices such as formation and training, which are developed by enterprises in order to provide satisfaction to their frontline staff (this being defined as the staff that has direct contact with customers in service enterprises and that interacts with them in the so-called service encounter). Hence, it is intended to analyze the different dimensions of the formation and training constructs, and prove the influence that such practices have in staff satisfaction, and how the latter influences the performance of the corresponding activities affecting the quality of the service that is offered to customers and how they perceive it. The research proposes to select a specific service enterprise that offers insurance and investment services nationally and that is located in the city of. At the end of the proposal, the main interest of the research for managerial practices is shown and additional topics for complementary research in the abovementioned field are suggested.


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