Published: 2020-12-17

The associations of board of directors’ characteristics with modified audit opinion

Waddah Kamal Hassan Omer, Khaled Salmen Aljaaidi, Mohd ‘Atef Md Yusof, Mohamad Hisyam Selamat
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Page 5-34

The private sector and peacebuilding in postconflict colombia: a theoretical study

Cristian Bedoya Dorado, Melissa Charfuelán Aguirre
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Page 35-56

Sustainable consumption in tourism: an approach to its state of knowledge

Judith Alejandra Velázquez Castro, Erika Cruz-Coria, Juan Ramírez-Godínez, Elva Esther Vargas-Martínez
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Page 57-84

The Impact of Knowledge Management on Organizational Performance: A Structural Equation Modeling Study

Leila Namdarian, Arman Sajedinejad, Somayeh Bahanesteh
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Page 85-108

The model of workforce agility dependent on drivers, strategies, practices, and results

Hamidreza Dehghani, Alireza Rezghi Rostami, Behzad Mashali
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