Dynamics of a Switched by Hysteresis Linear System in R2

Jhon Ceron, Jorge Amador, Gerard Olivar
Abstract 1416 | PDF (Español) Downloads 570 | DOI

Page 9-28

Metaheuristics to Solve the Multiobjective Transit Network Design Problem (TNDP) with Multiperiod Demand

Natalia Andrea Garzon, Eliana María González Neira, Ignacio Pérez Vélez
Abstract 787 | PDF (Español) Downloads 451 | DOI

Page 29-69

Surveillance Camera Location Models on a Public Transportation Network

Nathaly Solano-Pinzón, David Pinzón-Marroquín, William Javier Guerrero
Abstract 1291 | PDF (Español) Downloads 735 | DOI

Page 71-93

Improvement of proton-exchange membranes based on (1-x)(H3PO2/PVA)-xTiO2

M E Fernandez, G Murillo, R A Vargas, D Peña Lara, J E Diosa
Abstract 762 | PDF Downloads 476 | DOI

Page 153-166

Perceptual Digest Function for Verifying Integrity in Audio Forensics

Dora M. Ballesteros L., Diego Renza, Héctor Duvan Ortiz
Abstract 879 | PDF (Español) Downloads 415 | DOI

Page 167-183

Study of the flameless combustión mode in presence of the thermal load fluctuation

Juan D Echavarría, Andrés Amell Arrieta
Abstract 1348 | PDF (Español) Downloads 476 | DOI

Page 185-208