Published: 2009-06-01


Optimal placement of distributed generation in electric power system

Jesús María López–Lezama, Antonio Padilha–Feltrin, Luis Alfonso Gallego Pareja
Abstract 647 | PDF (Español) Downloads 896

Page 9-23

Symmetry and new solutions of the equation for vibrations of an elastic beam

Nykolay Sukhomlin, José R. Alvarez
Abstract 560 | PDF (Español) Downloads 399

Page 25-43

Some indefined integrals containing to the generalized hypergeometric function

Jaime Castillo Pérez, Leda Galué
Abstract 1044 | PDF (Español) Downloads 380

Page 45-54

Questions on the logic of the argumentation

Raúl Gómez-Marín
Abstract 1061 | PDF (Español) Downloads 576

Page 55-89

The π-geography problem and the Hurwitz problem

Carlos Cadavid, Juan D. Vélez-C.
Abstract 497 | PDF (Español) Downloads 203

Page 91-122

Estimation of software projects: a practical case

Gabriela Salazar-B
Abstract 861 | PDF (Español) Downloads 39854

Page 123-143

Detection of epileptic spikes in electroencephalographic signals for patients with temporal lobe epilepsy using wavelets

Nelson Eduardo Castaño, José Fernando Zapata, Jairo Villegas G.
Abstract 766 | PDF (Español) Downloads 898

Page 145-165