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The Editorial Committee of the journal AD-MINISTER seeks to disseminate research on local and international developments in: Emerging Markets, Management, International Business, Human Resources, People at work, Accounting, Marketing, Auditing, CSR, Innovation, Multilatinas, Organizational Psychology, Knowledge Management, International Relations, Inclusive Markets, E
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The 2nd International Conference of Research in Innovation and Technology

Tehran, 12-13 December 2018

Call for Papers in Special Issue of “Media Entrepreneurship in Web 3.0”

Guest Editors: Yashar Salamzadeh (Graduate School of Business, USM, Malaysia), Idongesit Williams (Aalborg University, Denmark) and Somayeh Labafi (University of Tehran, Iran)

The academic business journal AD-Minister will publish its Vol. 34 January-June 2019 (as a special issue for the 2nd international conference of research in innovation and technology (ICRIT 2018), which will be held in Tehran in December 2018 (http://icrit2018.ir). The theme of this special issue is ‘Media entrepreneurship in Web 3.0’ and is focused on the entrepreneurial activities of individual entrepreneurs and small media firms. Web 3.0 and social media platforms have provided a unique opportunity for startups and small businesses to propose value to the demanding customers (Labafi and Williams, 2018). Web 3.0 implies on the social communication platforms that added cooperation to the communication characteristics of Web 2.0 and cognition characteristic of Web 1.0 (Fochs, 2017). Social platforms are the main place for many media and technological startups to offer their innovations without common entry barriers, and today, they are the main context for entrepreneurship.


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