Revistas Universidad EAFIT

  • AD-minister

    AD-minister is an interdisciplinary academic journal and we publish scientific papers resulted of empirical evidence and that contribute to understanding the management of companies in emerging economies and markets.


  • Co-herencia

    Co-herencia is a biannual publication open access that publishes research articles and critical reviews on literature, philosophy and history.

  • Online Journal Mundo Asia Pacifico

    Mundo Asia Pacífico (MAP) is a annual journal that seeks to coordinate multidisciplinary knowledge of the Asia Pacific region and its ties with Latin America from different perspectives.

  • Nuevo Foro Penal

    Nuevo Foro Penal aims to publish research papers, translations on criminal law in its broadest sense, including criminal proceedings, execution of penalties, punitive system and mechanisms of social control in general.

  • Gobernar

    Gobernar: The Journal of Latin American Public Policy and Governance is a collaborative publication of Universidad EAFIT and Binghamton University, in association with the Inter-American Network of Public Administration Education (INPAE).

  • Ricercare

    Ricercare is a yearly, peer-reviewed, online journal. It publishes research and research-creation articles with varying perspectives about music (historical, theoretical, interpretative, pedagogical, etc.).

  • Revista Universidad EAFIT

    Publicación institucional que data desde 1965. Su circulación es semestral y se define una nueva vocación de la revista: constituirse en un espacio que comunique la capacidad investigativa de la Universidad EAFIT.

  • Catalejo

    Journal that seeks to encourage reflection and inspire professionals in the social appropriation of scientific knowledge.

  • Ingeniería y Ciencia

    Ingeniería y Ciencia is an open-access biannual scientific journal that publishes articles in the fields of Basic Science and Engineering. 

    This journal has ceased publication and is no longer accepting submissions.

  • Ecos de Economía

    Ecos de Economia is a Latin American journal of applied economics, with a particular interest in the quantitative analysis of economic, financial, and public policy issues and/or themes related to Latin America.

  • Ejil - EAFIT Journal of International Law

    Bienvenido al sitio web del EAFIT Journal of International Law, una publicación semestral que está dirigida a estudiantes, profesores, investigadores o analistas que se interesen por temas jurídicos, internacionales o afines. Contenido publicado hasta 2017.

  • Revista de Negocios Internacionales

    Contenido publicado hasta  Diciembre del 2012.

    Revista de Negocios internacionales.

  • Cuadernos de Investigación

    Los Cuadernos de Investigación son una publicación de la Dirección de Investigación y Docencia de la Universidad EAFIT. A manera de Reportes Técnicos se constituyen en un medio ágil para la difusión de las actividades y resultados de las investigaciones realizadas en la ...

  • Forum Doctoral

    Journal of the Red PILARES, edited by the coordination of the Network in the head of Rodrigo Muñoz Grisales professor at EAFIT University.

    This journal has ceased publication and is no longer accepting submissions.